Garage Remodelling As A DIY


Remodelling your garage is a great way to update the exterior look of your home, and it also adds value to your home. If you think if it is really necessary to remodel your garage with the help of a professional, you should know that you can do the work as a DIY project as well. Here are some ideas of garage remodelling. Wondering why need to remodel the garage where you park your car? A garage can be remodelling into an awesome and comfortable space than all the other rooms.

Create zones in your car such as one for your car, one for kicking back, one for the workshop and space to enjoy. Use smart storage to hide the tools and other items. You can use stained wooden cabinets for an upscale look and paint things to be interesting. If you have a workshop, create a workbench as per your require. Have enough outlets to handle your tools that require power and have an on-wall storage unit to store the tools.

Garage Remodelling As A DIY

The garage floor should be decent. You can give a good power wash, fill the cracks using a mortar repair substance and paint it. Before painting, you should check if the water is absorbed by the floor. If it is not, you should get it etched and let the flooring dry overnight. Later, you should paint the floor with a primer and a floor grade epoxy paint.

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Why Choose Synthetic Grass For Your Lawn

Synthetic Grass For Your Lawn

Plastic or rubber filaments are used to make plastic grass. It can provide a year-round natural looking and healthy lawn irrespective of the climate. The artificial grass does get heated up due to direct sunlight, but you will not notice it even when walking on it. The synthetic grass with smaller filaments is denser and softer, so it gets heated up faster. One of the aspects that are under constant innovation and research is temperature control. To prevent this issue, it is best to use synthetic grass with thicker filaments.

However, you can also take steps to cool down the grass on a usually hot day with the help of a sprinkler. You also can brush the grass filaments to make them stand upright and take in less heat. You should decide on the best synthetic grass product based on the climatic conditions in your locality. Before purchasing the synthetic grass, you should compare the warranties that are provided and ensure that the product you buy is protected from sun damage and fading due to the exposure to the UV rays. There are products with 15 to 20 years of warranty that offer a great value for your money.


Choosing the right synthetic grass product for your lawn based on the climate will ensure that you get a longer lifespan of the product. Also, you should ensure that the product is child and pet friendly. Most such products can be cleaned with the water pressure from a hosepipe in case they are messed. You can choose a product that is fire resistant for the safety purposes.

The major advantage of installing synthetic lawn in your house is the low maintenance that it needs. You clean it by simple brushing it with a broom, and the leaves can be raked up.

You might feel that the cost of the artificial lawn is a major drawback, but you need to keep in mind that it will leave you free of labour and maintenance expenses over a long time period.

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How To Choose The Right Garage Door To Enhance Your Home’s Looks?


The garage door is a significant part of your home for security and aesthetic reasons. A gorgeous garage door will keep your vehicle and the other items that are inside safe, and it will also maintain good looks at the exterior of your home. In case, you never had to place an order for either a new or a replacement garage door before, you will find the task a little daunting. Here are some tips that will help you choose the garage door that is right for your home.

Material To Choose

The most commonly used materials for the garage doors are steel, timber, GRP, and aluminium. Each of these materials has their own advantages and disadvantages, and these are detailed below.

Timber garage doors: This is an expensive option, and the price differs based on the type of wood that you choose to use. But, it is less durable and requires more maintenance than the synthetic materials. Timber has a nice finish than the other materials, and it is highly versatile providing many options to customize if you want a bespoke garage door.

Steel garage doors: This is the strongest option available on the market. Also, it is quite cheap and do not need much maintenance after installation. It can be customized with different finishes as well. The disadvantage is that the steel doors are thinner and less secure. The cheaper steels tend to have very poor instating properties. This is not recommended to be used in the coastal areas as the saltwater in the air will corrode the door over time.

Choose doors

Aluminium garage doors: You will enjoy the customization benefits similar to the steel doors with this material. But, this is quite strong, lightweight, and cheap. Also, this material does not corrode like the steel doors. But, aluminium is prone to dents, and it can easy go out of shape.

GRP garage doors: This is a fibreglass option that is highly popular due to the versatility and strength. It can be adapted to any opening mechanism and varied finishes. This does not corrode, and the coastal region residents prefer this option for their garage door. However, it can be of poor quality and very thin if it is bought for a low price.

Mechanism To Choose

It is important to choose the right mechanism to open the garage door, but it is usually overlooked. Many people focus on the material and size of the door and not on how they open it.

There are different mechanisms to open the garage door, and the right one should be chosen based on the size of the door and the space you have behind it. It is good to choose a roller door for a narrow garage that has limited space. You can consult with a specialist or the garage door retailer as they will have an idea of the right mechanism to choose.

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Take A Look At Some Best Summer Landscaping Tips

summer landscapping

It is easy to keep your landscape green, attractive, and healthy during the summer season if you know the right tricks. Some landscaping tips for summer are detailed in this content.

You should know when to prune the trees and shrubs. For some, you can wait until the winter or fall to prune. You should focus on the ornamentals that bloom in the spring. Mow the grass to the right height. You should keep in mind not to remove over one third of the lawn’s height as this will prevent stress to the lawn and keeps your lawn healthy and green rather than giving it a parched and brown.

Deadhead the flowers that look lifeless and ugly. This is advantageous as the plant will release some chemical signals that will increase its bloom production if you pluck the spent flowers. You should choose the right time to water your plants during summer, and it can be done early in the morning.

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DIY Wall Art With Silhouette Photo Display


Decorating your house with family photos is the best way to get a personalized feeling. It is easy to pop the printed photos into the frames. However, you can try to turn these precious photos into an attractive focal point in your home. There are many options to do this and silhouette photo display is one of them. It is a simple project that you can do as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project. With this project, you can transform a plain wall into an impressive graphic display. You can choose family portraits or photos in which your loved ones are in action. Arrange the photos in a collage and you are done. Your wall will have a fresh and crisp feel, and your sweet memories will be on display.

There are two options for doing this DIY project. One is to use a colourful wall point in many shades as you like. The other one requires glue, coloured cardstock paper and a brush or sponge to apply glue.


First, purchase the frames that you like to use for the collage. Make use of a photocopier to shrink or blow up the images that you want to use in the collage to make sure they are of the perfect fit. Using a pencil or any other sharp tipped object, you should trace the edge of the image or portrait by pressing the graphite transfer paper that will leave an outline of the image on the cardstock paper.

Then, place the white cardstock paper on a flat surface and place a graphite transfer sheet on top of it. Place the image on top this. Repeat the same set for all the photos that you like to include in the collage. Use a craft knife to cut the stencil that is created on the cardstock paper.

If you opt to use coloured wall paint, you should finish the project by pasting the images on the coloured cardstock paper and place them inside clear glass frames. Arrange the frames on the floor and then hang them. Paint the boxes with colours of your choice on the wall behind the frame. This way, your silhouettes will pop up attractively.

In the other method, you should match each silhouette with coloured cardstock paper and glue them to the frame sized cardstock cut out. Then, place the image in the frame and arrange them on the floor before hanging them.

Either way, you will get appealing and impressive wall photo collage that will make your home look good. You can also enjoy your work.