How to Set Up a Gym in Your Own Home

how to setup a gym in your own home

Life has become very demanding, and because it is so, it is very hard to try and make time for some of the important things in life such as exercise. Your body needs to be in the best shape for you to be a productive person. Gym memberships are also becoming an expensive affair so why not opt to have your gym at home?

Factors to Consider

There are certain factors that you have to weigh to be confident that you are making the right choice for you and your family when you build a gym in the house. There is no use of getting excited about something, buying the equipment and then three months down the line; nobody is using it.

  • You need to ask yourself, what you stand to gain by building the gym. Is it the onetime fee of construction instead of paying every month at the commercial gym? Is it because a gym at home is more convenient and motivating?
  • How far are you willing to go when it comes to spending on the gym design and equipment?
  • How committed are you to a life of fitness?
  • How many members of your family will be using the gym too?

Choosing the Room

A home gym is a social place where family and friends can have a good time getting fit. This means that you should choose a room that will allow that to happen. Most people opt for the basement but just in case you want to have more options; you can make a choice considering the following;

  1. A room where you like spending most of your time in
  2. One with a window and lots of natural light
  3. It should be spacious. You can add a hangout space where after an intense workout you can have some juice or water

Working out is work. You need to be inspired to do so. Therefore, you should ensure that the room you choose gives an ambience that gets you inspired to workout. When it comes to setting up your gym at home, mirrors are highly recommended. This is because mirrors make the room look large, reflect light and help you monitor your moves hence preventing injuries. As you monitor yourself on the mirror, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments.

Choosing the Equipment

One of the factors to consider when selecting home gym equipment is your personal fitness goals. The three most important areas that these equipment caters for are cardio training, flexibility, and strength training or muscles. If you want to shed a few kilos or just get in shape, get equipment that is meant for absolutely that. Stationary bikes and treadmills are good for cardio.

How much you are willing to spend is also another thing. If your budget is limited, buy equipment in phases until you finally have a fully equipped gym. You can also buy used equipment, but you should also check on the quality if you do so.

Training Space

You should also consider the floor area before buying your home gym equipment. The room should be well ventilated of course but if it is not big enough simply get what is necessary and fits.

Getting the Flooring for Your Gym

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are quite popular in the United States. They are comfortable and easy to clean plus quite durable. You can easily install them since they are tiles that interlock.


Rubber flooring is the number one choice of flooring for many gym owners. This is due to their extreme durability.

They do not need replacing even after ten years. Rubber flooring is great whereby there is heavy lifting equipment. This is to ensure the floor is not destroyed. It is also easy to clear. It does not harbour mould, dust or any germ growth.

Buying Essential Equipment

1. Olympic plates

When it comes to budget plates, you have two options; basic bumper plates or you can go for standard steel plates. It all depends on what you can afford. Steel plates usually are sold per kilo so the more you buy, the more you pay. Remember you can upgrade your gym gradually. Rome was not built in a day.

2. Utility bench

The next thing on your list should be the utility bench. Get something that has thick pads, is wide and long enough.

3. Dumbbells

You need these to work out your muscles plus they are quite versatile as you can do a number of exercises while lifting them. They come in different weights, therefore, buy what you can afford.

4. Pull up bar

This one can easily be installed in your gym. It is great for core workouts. It also gives you great stability and you can do lots of gymnastic moves on it if you are up to it.

5. Skipping rope

This sounds silly, but a skipping rope is one of the things that should never miss in a gym. It is great for warm ups and cardio.

As time goes by you can upgrade and buy more equipment. Everyone starts at a certain point. All you need to do is start.

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