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How To Choose The Right Garage Door To Enhance Your Home’s Looks?


The garage door is a significant part of your home for security and aesthetic reasons. A gorgeous garage door will keep your vehicle and the other items that are inside safe, and it will also maintain good looks at the exterior of your home. In case, you never had to place an order for either a new or a replacement garage door before, you will find the task a little daunting. Here are some tips that will help you choose the garage door that is right for your home.

Material To Choose

The most commonly used materials for the garage doors are steel, timber, GRP, and aluminium. Each of these materials has their own advantages and disadvantages, and these are detailed below.

Timber garage doors: This is an expensive option, and the price differs based on the type of wood that you choose to use. But, it is less durable and requires more maintenance than the synthetic materials. Timber has a nice finish than the other materials, and it is highly versatile providing many options to customize if you want a bespoke garage door.

Steel garage doors: This is the strongest option available on the market. Also, it is quite cheap and do not need much maintenance after installation. It can be customized with different finishes as well. The disadvantage is that the steel doors are thinner and less secure. The cheaper steels tend to have very poor instating properties. This is not recommended to be used in the coastal areas as the saltwater in the air will corrode the door over time.

Choose doors

Aluminium garage doors: You will enjoy the customization benefits similar to the steel doors with this material. But, this is quite strong, lightweight, and cheap. Also, this material does not corrode like the steel doors. But, aluminium is prone to dents, and it can easy go out of shape.

GRP garage doors: This is a fibreglass option that is highly popular due to the versatility and strength. It can be adapted to any opening mechanism and varied finishes. This does not corrode, and the coastal region residents prefer this option for their garage door. However, it can be of poor quality and very thin if it is bought for a low price.

Mechanism To Choose

It is important to choose the right mechanism to open the garage door, but it is usually overlooked. Many people focus on the material and size of the door and not on how they open it.

There are different mechanisms to open the garage door, and the right one should be chosen based on the size of the door and the space you have behind it. It is good to choose a roller door for a narrow garage that has limited space. You can consult with a specialist or the garage door retailer as they will have an idea of the right mechanism to choose.

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