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Take A Look At Some Best Summer Landscaping Tips

summer landscapping

It is easy to keep your landscape green, attractive, and healthy during the summer season if you know the right tricks. Some landscaping tips for summer are detailed in this content.

You should know when to prune the trees and shrubs. For some, you can wait until the winter or fall to prune. You should focus on the ornamentals that bloom in the spring. Mow the grass to the right height. You should keep in mind not to remove over one third of the lawn’s height as this will prevent stress to the lawn and keeps your lawn healthy and green rather than giving it a parched and brown.

Deadhead the flowers that look lifeless and ugly. This is advantageous as the plant will release some chemical signals that will increase its bloom production if you pluck the spent flowers. You should choose the right time to water your plants during summer, and it can be done early in the morning.