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DIY Wall Art With Silhouette Photo Display


Decorating your house with family photos is the best way to get a personalized feeling. It is easy to pop the printed photos into the frames. However, you can try to turn these precious photos into an attractive focal point in your home. There are many options to do this and silhouette photo display is one of them. It is a simple project that you can do as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project. With this project, you can transform a plain wall into an impressive graphic display. You can choose family portraits or photos in which your loved ones are in action. Arrange the photos in a collage and you are done. Your wall will have a fresh and crisp feel, and your sweet memories will be on display.

There are two options for doing this DIY project. One is to use a colourful wall point in many shades as you like. The other one requires glue, coloured cardstock paper and a brush or sponge to apply glue.


First, purchase the frames that you like to use for the collage. Make use of a photocopier to shrink or blow up the images that you want to use in the collage to make sure they are of the perfect fit. Using a pencil or any other sharp tipped object, you should trace the edge of the image or portrait by pressing the graphite transfer paper that will leave an outline of the image on the cardstock paper.

Then, place the white cardstock paper on a flat surface and place a graphite transfer sheet on top of it. Place the image on top this. Repeat the same set for all the photos that you like to include in the collage. Use a craft knife to cut the stencil that is created on the cardstock paper.

If you opt to use coloured wall paint, you should finish the project by pasting the images on the coloured cardstock paper and place them inside clear glass frames. Arrange the frames on the floor and then hang them. Paint the boxes with colours of your choice on the wall behind the frame. This way, your silhouettes will pop up attractively.

In the other method, you should match each silhouette with coloured cardstock paper and glue them to the frame sized cardstock cut out. Then, place the image in the frame and arrange them on the floor before hanging them.

Either way, you will get appealing and impressive wall photo collage that will make your home look good. You can also enjoy your work.